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HD Video Upgrade

Here's how it works.


Firstly, load up a showreel page on your desktop.

eg. www.showreelfinder.com


Next, click on the white HD button on the video player.

Bottom right.


If the button changes to green,

the video will reload at HD quality.


This makes a significant increase to video appearance at both full and smaller screens.


Videos uploaded after 30th November, 2011 are now automatically available in both HD and SD video.

If the button remains white, the original SD video will load.


SD playback is default during this migration.


Contact support@showreelfinder.com with any queries.


Why HD?

Testing has shown that 1280 x 720 P HD video @ 2500 kbps is a good quality setting that is fast loading.

Used by Dailymotion, Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook and more.


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